PIMP MY SIDEBAR by Brittany Mays


FUNCTION + AESTHETIC | Making the MOST of your website's prime real estate: The Sidebar & Footer


Have you ever felt totally confused about what should go in the sidebar and footer of your blog or website? Do you see other websites doing cool stuff, but you just aren't sure how to do it?

Let's really break it down.

Section One:
Purpose and Benefits

We talk about why you need sidebars/footers and how they help you. Here's a quick spoiler . . . if you have them on your site, they are really important.

Section Two:
Common Traits of Great Sidebars

There are 5 things that great sidebars and footers have in common. We explore those and you get an opportunity to research and find ones that impress you.

Section Three:
Sidebar Items and Sizes

Ever get stuck on what in the world you want to put in your sidebar or footer? Well, here are 17 different possibilities and we will discuss which ones are right for you.

Section Four:
Sidebar Placement

You have a choice. Where do you want your sidebar? Do you even want a sidebar. We look at best practices for your sidebar depending on its location and what will work for you.

Section Five:
Ads - How to Do Them Well

There is nothing wrong with ads, but if they aren't done well, they can really bring down the quality of your site. Since ads are typically in your sidebars and footers, we will address what to do and what not to do among other ad-related things.

Section Six:
Common HTML Code For Your Sidebars and Footers

There are times when you need the text or image in your sidebar to look a certain way, but you just can't make it happen. Knowing a little code can definitely help and it doesn't have to be hard or intimidating!

Section Seven:
Squarespace and WordPress

In the final section we will get into some information specific to these two platforms including Squarespace themes that naturally have sidebars, plugin functionality and an awesome list of suggested plugins.

What's included?

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